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Save the plane

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  1 hour
  110,- Eur for one person flying, 190,- Eur for two people flying (= 95 Euro/ person)

Both pilots are incapacitated, you have to safe the flight and to land at the nearest airport.

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You are on board of an airliner flight from Bratislava to Franfurt. Something happened on board and both pilots are incapacitated. It is your time you enter the cockpit and try to safe the plane.


  • both pilots are incapacitated,
  • you have to safe the flight = to land the plane
  • ask the air traffic controllers for assistance
  • land the plane according to instructions from atc.


Price: 110 Euro for one person flying, 190 Euro for 2 People flying

Duration: 1 hour

Guidance: You + max two persons, if you order 2 persons in cockpit than 4 persons totally - 2 people flying and two observing

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