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IFR skill renewal

Momentálne nie sú voľné žiadne last minute ponuky
  5 h Simulator Piper
  349 €

Zážitok momentálne nie je možné kúpiť

Zážitok momentálne nie je možné rezervovať

Rezervovať je možné termíny podľa otváracích hodín. Posledný možný vstup do simulátora (začiatok zážitku) je na konci otváracích hodín. Zobraziť otváracie hodiny


For whom is the renewal suitable?

This type of renewal flight is suitable for pilots with IR(A), SEP(L)/SPA or IR(A) MEP(L) SPA who had a longer break and he has an exam to renew his IR(A) qualification with a Flight Examinator (FE). After a longer pause in instrument flying and low experience of around 50 hours after training a pilot quickly forgets his skills and reactions. It is therefore helpful to renew the theory before the skill test.

What is included in the renewal?

DOC8168 Theory

G1000 Theory on a G1000 simulator (Flying schools in Slovakia use DA-40 G1000 or the DA42 Twinstar)

IFR Communication

Why on a simulator?

There are many advantages. The first is the price availability, since a simulator is much cheaper financially than a real aircraft. The second is in the quality of the training, since the instructor can pause the simulation, move the aircraft quickly in space and repeat a task with which time is saved and the training is more effective. The pilot has the space for discussion with the instructor before training is recommenced. You can try airports that are classed as Class C airports, for which you need training on a simulator before flying to these airports.

What is the aim of the flying renewal?

The pilot is prepared for the skill test and doesn’t need to pay for additional tests.

What simulator is used?

We recommend the Piper Seneca simulator, since it is slower and simpler in comparison the Boeing 737.