Improvement radio navigation training for private pilots

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  2,5 h theory, 4 h Simulator Piper
  299 €

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For whom is the training suitable?

The training is primarily aimed at pilots with a PPL(A) licence who want to improve their radio navigation skills, learn how to correctly fly an ILS approach and especially, how proceed when flying in IMC or icing conditions after unintentionally flying into clouds or fog.

What is covered in the training?

  • Theory in the classroom in the form of a lecture and a presentation
  • Training on the flight simulator
  • Radar vectoring
  • Flying in clouds and use of on board instruments
  • Avoiding icing conditions
  • Precise ILS approach

What is the aim of the training?

The aim of the training is to teach the pilot correct procedures in clouds, how to use on board instruments, how to request vectoring from ATC for an ILS approach and especially how to not start to panic and be able to land successfully.

What simulator is used?

We recommend the Piper Seneca simulator, since it is slower and simpler in comparison the Boeing 737.