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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. General
    1. These general conditions govern the rights and commitments of the parties between the provider and the buyer, respectively the client. The purpose is to provide flight experience on the simulators of the Boeing B737, Piper Seneca or Cessna citation:


PT Engineering s.r.o. registered in the commercial register of the Bratislava 1 District Court, file no. 14925/B

Adress: Gruzínksa 18, 821 05 Bratislava

IČO: 35720743

DIČ: 2020228309

Bank contact: info@simulatorcentrum.sk

  1. The process of finalising a contract

2.1. The buyer sends a request via e-mail, contact form, by phone or if necessary personally. The order becomes binging and the contract is set.

The order is confirmed by email or by phone.


  1. Order cancellation
    1. Cancellation of an order from the side of the buyer.

The buyer has the right to cancel the order/reservation without giving a reason at any time prior to the binding confirmation in person, in writing, by email or by telephone.

The buyer has the right to cancel a binding order/booking without giving any reason within 14 calendar days after the booking confirmation / reservation.



In the case of a cancellation of a binding order after a period of 14 calendar days, the buyer is liable for the damage incurred to the provider by the buyers conduct. The provider exercises his right to payment of damages and costs, which were necessary to obtain the customer's request or in the event that in terms of providing services was incurred. The buyer can only cancel a binding order in writing (by mail or e-mail). The date of cancellation of the order is determined by the date of delivery of written notice of revocation. When cancelling the binding / confirmed order after the expiry of 14 calendar days, the provider reserves the right to claim a cancellation fee in the following amount: 30% of the value of the ordered service (the pay of the instructor).

  1. Cancellation of the order by the provider:

The provider reserves the right to cancel the order or its part if:

-The buyer did not confirm / bind the order.

-There have been significant obstacles that prevented the carrying out of the tasks outlined in the contract for reasons that the provider has no control over. The seller is then obliged to immediately inform the buyer and recommend another possible date.

4. The rights and obligations of the buyer.

4.1 The buyer has a right to:

-proper and timely execution of the ordered services in the quantity, quality and place agreed by the parties in the binding order.

-if the service supplied was not in accordance with the business conditions between the parties the buyer has the right to make a claim.

-Bring a party of a maximum of two people as accompaniment, more people will not be admitted to the simulator premises. (This does not apply to collective teambuilding that is agreed on the basis of individual requirements. Larger parties are only allowed to enter based terms and conditions which will be decided with that party).

-Persons accompanying the buyer are allowed to sit behind the buyer and take pictures and movies.

-The buyer has opportunity to park his vehicle in the designated parking space right in front of the simulator (max 1 vehicle)

4.2 The buyer is obliged to:

-Pay the agreed purchase price prior to the flight, either in cash, or bank transfer in advance.

-Not harm the good business name of the provider.

-Not harm objects in and around the simulator.

-Take care of the equipment of the service so that to avoid damaging it. During the time of the flight, the buyer is responsible for the loss, damage or destruction of objects used to provide the service. 

-pay the full purchase price of the items used to provide the service in the event of loss, damage or destruction.

- In specific cases return the items used for training at the agreed time.

-Come to the simulator in advance, we recommend a minimum of 10 minutes, otherwise the duration of the flight can be shortened by the delay. For delays of more than 30 minutes and without contact from the side of the buyer, the flight will be considered as completed without the right for an alternate date or refund.

-In the case that the party arrives in more than one vehicle, additional vehicles must be parked on Krásna street in front of the monastery, cca. 250 m from the building of the simulator. It is forbidden to park in front of neighbouring houses and on the sidewalk. In case that a vehicle is parked there, the owner runs the risk of incurring a fine or having the vehicle towed away by the police.

- If the buyer experiences nausea at the start of the flight (up to approx. 5 minutes in, or if someone else becomes nauseous just after the beginning of the flight), this must be immediately reported to the instructor. The flight is stopped and after a short pause can resume again. Should the situation repeat, the flight will end, since there is a real risk of an epileptic seizure in some people. (The real cockpit has lost of flashing lights). In the event of payment by cash or bank transfer we offer the ability to change the experience with a member of the party or the refund of the purchase price in full. In the case of a purchase through a discount or experience website we will provide the customer with a document of a premature termination of the experience due to health issues and the customer will have to deal with the discount or experience portal individually. The service provider (simulatorcentrum) assumes no responsibility for any health damage.

-the buyer is obliged to observe and follow the commands of the instructor, stay safe and respect the operating ground rules of the provider.

- During wet or snowing weather, the buyer is obliged to bring dry footwear to the premises of the simulator. High heel or open shoes such as sandals or flip flops are not allowed.



  1. Rights and obligations of the provider.
    1. The provider is obliged to:

-Deliver the service on the order of the buyer properly, on time and in the agreed quantity and quality.

-Pass on to the buyer documents necessary to perform the service as well as any other documents.

                5.2 The provider has the right to:

  • Proper and timely payment of the full purchase price from the buyer for the service, in cash or by bank transfer.
  • Payment of the purchase price of an item that is used for the provision of services in the event of its loss, damage or destruction by the buyer.
  • Not allow entry to the buyer if he or she does not satisfy the age, height and weight requirements:
  1. Recommended minimum age of 15 years (but at least 12 years)
  2. Min/max height 150 cm / 200 cm
  3. Min/max weight 40gh / 110 kg

-in the case that a child younger than 12 flies on the simulator, the entire flight is flown by the autopilot.

  • An immediate end to the flight if the customer or a member of his party does not comply with the instructions of the instructor.
  • An immediate end to the flight if the instructor suspects that the customer or a member of his party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No claim for a refund can be placed in the previous two examples.
  • Claim the reimbursement of 30% of the experience from the buyer in the event of a cancellation of an already confirmed binding order as described in section 3.1 of these terms and conditions.
  • To assume the right to payment of loss of earnings should the buyer not take over the agreed service (the buyer doesn’t arrive at the agreed time). The provider has the right and will be forced to recover such a claim through a court if necessary. The buyer bears full responsibility for this situation and will be responsible to pay in full all the costs in the recovery claims (court fees, costs of legal and enforcement proceedings)



  1. Payment terms and price
    1. The prices on the site www.simulatorcentrum.sk include VAT and are final. The buyer must pay the provider the purchase price of the ordered services agreed in the binding order in cash or by bank transfer to the account no. referred to in section 1.1 in these terms and conditions.
    2. In the event that the buyer pays the provider in the form of bank transfer the payment date is the date when the full purchase price is credited to the account of the provider.
    3. The provider is obliged to immediately issue a proper accounting document to the buyer.
  2. Sekcia 7 prelozena vyssie
  3. Teambuilding (group) entries
    1. Customers participating in teambuilding must park their cars on Krásna street in front of the monastery, approx.. 250 m from the building of the simulator. There is only one space directly in front of the simulator building. The customer is solely responsible in the case of a fine or vehicle removal if he or she parks in front of neighbouring houses or on the pavement.
    2. At the beginning of the event, the whole group must congregate in a designated area determined by a member of staff. They will then be split into three person groups and must switch their mobile phones into flight mode.
    3. Only one three member group is allowed to enter the cockpit at the time and only after being invited by the instructor. Other groups must congregate in designated places. It is forbidden to move to other than the reserved premises. The inability to conform to these instructions will result in the offending person being sent out of the building without the possibility of return. In the event that one of the participants leaves the premises by themselves, they are not allowed to re-enter the building.
    4. There will be a smoking break every 45 minutes of approx.. 5 minutes.
    5. The consumption of food and drink is restricted to the catering zone. Under no circumstances may anybody take food or drink into the simulator.
    6. Participants under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be automatically excluded from the event.
    7. Participants can leave their coats and jackets on a hangar in the closet. In the case of wet weather, replacement dry shoes must be worn.
    8. The request for organising a team building event or the entry of a large party must be made exclusively by writing at least 10 days prior to the desired date. Terms and conditions are individually agreed with every event.
    9. 50% of the sum for teambuilding events is paid in advance to the providers account.
  4. ATO – Flight simulator rental for flight schools
    1. Prices valid for ATO training are list prices shown on the website or prices individually negotiated by a contract.
    2. A simulatorcentrum instructor must be present during the training of an ATO pilot. In the event that an ATO wants to use their instructor, he must go through a paid course and successfully complete a final exam.
    3. The agreed price applies to 1 crew, i.e. two pilots, a student and instructor, unless otherwise agreed.
    4. The price for renting the classroom next to the simulator is € 30 / hour. incl. VAT.
    5. -In the case that the party arrives in more than one vehicle, additional vehicles must be parked on Krásna street in front of the monastery, cca. 250 m from the building of the simulator. It is forbidden to park in front of neighbouring houses and the sidewalk. In case that a vehicle is parked there, the owner runs the risk of incurring a fine or have the vehicle towed away by the police.
    6. Discounted rates apply only after the prepayment of the selected number of hours. Slots will be reserved for individual crews on the basis of a written agreement.
  5. Additions
    1. An addition to the terms and conditions are the ground rules of the service provider.
  6. Personal data and its protections
    1. In accordance to the law about protection of personal data no. 428/2002 Z.z. the provider is obliged to proceed in as the law dictates and use personal data only for its own internal needs and will take all the necessary precautions and if needed the necessary actions to protect this data.
  7. Effectivity
    1. These terms and conditions  are effective from 10.10.2016

In Bratislava 10.10.2016